What’s Your Point? from THN

What’s Your Point? from THN

We did an analysis of the ‘extra point’ gained by NHL teams that lose in overtime (OT) or via the shootout (SO) for The Hockey News.  It has appeared in a recent issue under the heading “Just Win, Baby”.  I’ve uploaded a more complete document with the fuller analysis.  That document can be found here.  

In this paper we analyze how the past six NHL Stanley Cup Playoff Races would have played out under a couple of alternative scoring systems.  The motivation for the article was to test the idea that the current system produces better playoff races.  Further motivation came from the point that under the current system some games are worth more points than other games which has irked some critics.  

Again as in The Hockey News article we don’t love the current point system but it is pretty clear that the results from any of the other systems would be very similar.

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