Draft Pick Value Chart 2016

Draft Pick Value Chart 2016

Here’s a new version of the Draft Pick Value Chart DraftPickValueChart_2016 Info: Based upon a smoothed monotonic regression (monreg package in R) using the first seven years (post draft) of time on ice (TOI) for players drafted at each pick in the NHL draft (through the 210th pick).  The data used for this draft value pick chart (DPVC) are the 2003 to 2008 NHL Draft classes.  The chart is scaled (and rounded) so that the first pick has value 1000.  A graph of the chart  […]

Dealing with the NHL’s RTSS recording of Events

Dealing with the NHL’s RTSS recording of Events

One of the aspects of the statistical analysis of hockey that has been cited as a reason not to trust the results that have been generated is the quality of the data produced by the NHL’s Real Time Scoring System (RTSS).  Here is an article with some NHL GM’s talking about the quality of the data.  Also there have been several studies that have found that there are inconsistencies in the recording of these events from rink to rink.   These studies include work by Boyle, Zona,  […]

Schuckers Talk at Carleton University

So last Friday, I gave a talk at Carleton University.  Here is the abstract: Recently there has been a good deal of interest in the use of statistical methods and statistical thinking in sports. Work of this kind has been going on for many many years though often behind the scenes. With the publication of Michael Lewis’ Moneyball and the subsequent movie of the same name, the interest in this kind of work has grown extensively. Further evidence of this can be found in the  […]

Joint Statistical Meetings 2014 Hockey Panel

Joint Statistical Meetings 2014 Hockey Panel

A week ago (on August 6th), I appeared on a panel on the Joint Statistical Meetings in Boston along with Brian Macdonald, Andrew Thomas, Sam Ventura and Kevin Mongeon.  The panel was a good one on some of the advanced statistical methods that are being used in hockey.  Fluto Shinzawa of the Boston Globe attended the panel and wrote up a piece on the panel that can be found at this link.  A rough audio of this can be found at Andrew Thomas’ website:  www.acthomas.ca/?p=62.  […]

Estimating the Lower Bound for the Return on Investment for Hockey Analytics

Last week it was announced that the New Jersey Devils had hired Sunny Mehta to be their Director of Hockey Analytics.  Just over a month ago, Craig Custace wrote a piece($) for ESPN Insider on the New Jersey Devils search for a Director of Hockey Analytics.  In that article, there was an underlying tone that hockey analytics was expensive.  Ryan Lambert of Puck Daddy nailed a part of this a couple days after when he wrote (under #3): I love this idea that more NHL  […]

Out of the Ice Age: Some Hockey Analytics Highlights since #SSAC2012

This week is the 2014 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference.   While the conference has not always had a panel on hockey, there is one this year. To that end, I took a look at some of the innovative pieces of hockey analytics work since the last conference panel in 2012. I’ve made a list below,  in no particular order, along with links and a quick summary of the contribution. Giving the growth of analytics and the growth of hockey analytics, this list is surely incomplete.     Player Usage  […]

A look at the US Olympic Squad for Sochi from Analytics perspective

So I’ve been in Helsinki this Autumn and as a result haven’t gotten to see much live NHL hockey.  (I’ve seen plenty of pee wee and bantam hockey as well as a couple of SM Liiga matches.)  We’re headed home just after the end of the year and one of the highlights once we get back to the states will be watching the Olympic hockey tournament.  Should be a blast.  To that end, I thought I would take a look at the candidates for the  […]

Schuckers interviewed on TSN 1050 Toronto

Below is the audio from Schuckers’ interview on TSN 1050 Toronto’s Drive with Bill Hayes on Monday August 26, 2013.  Schuckers appearance starts around minute 35.   Tweet

Schuckers named Significant Contributor by American Statistical Association.

Statistical Sports Consulting LLC’s Co-Founder Michael Schuckers was recently named 2013 Significant Contributor by the American Statistical Association’s Section on Statistics in Sports.   Schuckers is also an Associate Professor of Statistics in the Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics Department at St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY.   As part of being named a Significant Contributor, Schuckers gave a luncheon talk at the Joint Statistical Meetings in Montreal at the beginning of August.  His talk was entitled What Statistics/Analytics Tells Us About Ice Hockey.  Additionally, he  […]

Total Hockey Rating (THoR) results through end of 2013

The THoR page (http://www.statsportsconsulting.com/thor) has the latest set of Even Strength (EV)  and All (EV/PP/PK) ratings for players that appeared in over about 25 games in the past two seasons.  What is new here is that we have added a new model for EV and PP and PK to the model to our EV model.  The model for all events includes all of the terms in the EV model (see the THoR page) such as Quality of Teammates, Score Effects, and Zone Starts and adds  […]