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Out of the Ice Age: Some Hockey Analytics Highlights since #SSAC2012

This week is the 2014 MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference.   While the conference has not always had a panel on hockey, there is one this year. To that end, I took a look at some of the innovative pieces of hockey analytics work since the last conference panel in 2012. I’ve made a list below,  in no particular order, along with links and a quick summary of the contribution. Giving the growth of analytics and the growth of hockey analytics, this list is surely incomplete.     Player Usage  […]

Impact of changing teams on THoR and CorsiRel

We’re coming up on the trade deadline for the NHL.  Lots of names are going to be floated and some players will be traded.  Raphael Diaz and Dale Weise were traded today as I was finalizing this post.  According to THoR (all events) Diaz is a player who has been worth 2 or 3 wins per year over a replacement defensemen but will he be worth roughly that for Vancouver?  Certainly the Canucks hope so.  In that vein, I recently got a question about what would  […]