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Statistical Sports Consulting

Founded by an NCAA Division I Hockey Coach and a professor of statistics, Statistical Sports Consulting LLCdevelops data and decision making tools to give their clients a competitive edThe International Year of Statistics (Statistics2013)ge in all facets of their business from recruiting/signing to game planning to in-game management.

Statistical Sports Consulting LLC is proud to announce it is participating in the International Year of Statistics 2013, a worldwide celebration of the contributions of statistical science to the advancement of our global society.  


Schuckers named Significant Contributor by American Statistical Association.

Statistical Sports Consulting LLC’s Co-Founder Michael Schuckers was recently named 2013 Significant Contributor by the American Statistical Association’s Section on Statistics in Sports.   Schuckers is also an Associate Professor of Statistics in the Mathematics, Computer Science and Statistics Department at St. Lawrence University in  [...]

Joint Statistical Meetings 2014 Hockey Panel

Joint Statistical Meetings 2014 Hockey Panel

A week ago (on August 6th), I appeared on a panel on the Joint Statistical Meetings in Boston along with Brian Macdonald, Andrew Thomas, Sam Ventura and Kevin Mongeon.  The panel was a good one on some of the advanced statistical methods that are being  [...]